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  1. rvm curl -L https://get.rvm.io | bash -s
  2. rvm requirements
  3. gem install gollum
  4. rvm install 1.9.3
  5. gem install gollum

gollum –help

%gollum --help
Gollum is a multi-format Wiki Engine/API/Frontend.
Basic Command Line Usage:
  gollum [OPTIONS] [PATH]
        PATH                         The path to the Gollum repository (default .).
        --port [PORT]                Bind port (default 4567).
        --host [HOST]                Hostname or IP address to listen on (default
        --version                    Display current version.
        --config [CONFIG]            Path to additional configuration file        
        --irb                        Start an irb process with gollum loaded for the current wiki.
        --css                        Inject custom css. Uses custom.css from root repository        
        --js                         Inject custom js. Uses custom.js from root repository
        --page-file-dir [PATH]       Specify the sub directory for all page files (default: repository root).        
        --base-path [PATH]           Specify the base path.
        --gollum-path [PATH]         Specify the gollum path.
        --ref [REF]                  Specify the repository ref to use (default: master).        
        --no-live-preview            Disables livepreview.
        --mathjax                    Enables mathjax.        
        --user-icons [SOURCE]        Set the history user icons. Valid values: gravatar, identicon, none. Default: none.
        --show-all                   Shows all files in file view. By default only valid pages are shown.
        --collapse-tree              Collapse file view tree. By default, expanded tree is shown.
        --h1-title                   Sets page title to value of first h1

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