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  1. Windows 下使用 VBS 建立开机启动脚本 http://bbs.kafan.cn/thread-1686205-1-1.html

Successfully connected to Aria2 through remote RPC, however the connection is still insecure. For complete security try adding an authorization secret token while starting Aria2 (through the flag –rpc-secret)

aria2c –all-proxy=http://proxy:8080 http://host/file

aria2c –http-auth-challenge=true http://username:passwd@dl.wogong.net/MIT/MITRES2_002S10linear_lec01_300k.mp4


You can avoid this error by specifying CA certificate file using –ca-certificate option. If you are using Debian/Ubuntu, first install ca-certificates and give –ca-certificate=/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt to aria2c. This is the proper and secure way. There is another insecure way to avoid this error. Just give –check-certificate=false to aria2c. This is easier than previous one, but it is insecure because it does not verify remote server.

aria2c -i list.txt


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