虚拟机中的 Gollum 运行缓慢


在家,告别了学校的百兆网络。目前3G 过活。无奈发现虚 拟机中的gollum 运行极度缓慢,Chrome 的开发者工具显示 waiting time 达到了10+ seconds。遂至Github 的官方repo 中搜索”slow”,发现 issus177 遂解决。

same problem, I’m here by searching slow in the repo. Thanks @arr2036 for “One thing that can cause Gollum to appear like it was responding slowly is that webrick does reverse DNS lookups by default (don’t ask me why). “

This is really stupid when you setup gollum in vm(vmware) and browser in the host machine, the IP is something like 192.168.8.* . and the reverse DNS lookups webrick does cause me 10s or more under my poor 3G network.

To resolve it, just add two lines in the hosts of vm. host-m vm

Then, Everything is OK.

话说,webrick 为甚要反向查询呢?真是坑爹。